April Showers


Dot and Mae went on a nature hike this weekend. They had a really fun time finding all sorts of little treasures sprouting up from the ground! Here they are with some wild violets that were popping up through old and new leaves. They like to scamper about and play hide and seek behind little blossoms.


They also planted some flowers of their own. On Sunday they made a hanging garden basket. First they put a brick of compressed sphagnum moss in a bowl of water so it could expand. This moss is put in the bottom of the wire basket to hold the soil and moisture in.


It looks a bit like a big lump of carrot cake!


After a layer of moss was put into the basket, Dot and Mae filled it up with potting soil. Next, Dot sprinkled seeds onto the dirt. The seeds were petunias, marigolds, alyssum, and a couple other things Dot and Mae can’t remember right now.


After the seeds were sprinkled on the soil, Mae took more dirt and covered up the seeds. They must keep the seeds moist and warm to make them sprout. It will take a couple of weeks before flowers start growing. If the basket turns out good (keep your fingers crossed!) Dot and Mae will post more pictures with the actual flowers!


Until then, you must look at pictures of flowers that grow wild and the wild little girls that like to play in them!

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