Recently Big Girl Gabriella had a birthday – (and Dot and Mae are still recovering from that birthday bash) – and today is also Tia Sandra’s birthday!


So Dot and Mae thought they might take this time to talk about birthdays – you know they love ‘em! Cake, ice cream, presents, parties, balloons, games – what’s not to like?

What kind of cake do you like on your birthday? This year Big Girl Gabriella got a marble cake (that means it’s vanilla and chocolate swirled together) with all kinds of bright colored frosting. As you can see in the photo, Dot and Mae approved. They lost count of how many pieces they ate!


What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday? Do you like to have a party with friends or maybe you like to go somewhere with your family? Dot and Mae love to do everything – in fact they believe that birthdays should be expanded to a week long celebration – or at least three days – there’s just too many fun things that need to be accomplished and too many people that need to give you presents to try to fit it all into just ONE day! Maybe they will write to the President and see what he can do about getting that changed!

If you do have a birthday party here are a couple of fun games that Dot and Mae recommend:

The first one is called “Bottle of Treasure”


You will need a large clear plastic bottle or jar and a bunch of little trinkets like tiny toys, plastic insects, beads, etc.


Put the trinkets into the bottle. Next fill the bottle or jar two thirds of the way with uncooked rice and shake it so that the trinkets become hidden in the rice. Let your guests take turns with the bottle trying to find all the hidden treasure. You could give out a prizes to the ones who can do it, or do it the quickest!

Another fun game if you want to get a little more active is called “Gold Smugglers” and this is how you play:

This is a variation on a game of tag, the twist is that no one knows who it is but “It” himself.

First, explain to the kids that whoever is holding the gold (this can be anything from a marble to a small plastic toy) is the Smuggler. Then it’s time to secretly slip the gold into one kid’s hand. To do so, conceal the gold in your fist and walk from child to child pretending to put the gold in each person’s hand.

Somewhere along the way, you’ll need to actually transfer the gold to one of the players, at which time he should act nonchalant. Continue pretending to transfer the gold to a few more players before announcing that you no longer have the gold. Then start the game by shouting Smugglers ahoy!

Basically, everyone now tries to run from everyone else because anyone could be the Smuggler. When any player gets near enough, he tries to tag another player before he is tagged himself.

If tagged, a player must hold out her hand and accept whatever the tagger has to offer. If it’s nothing, both players resume running. If a player gets the gold, she becomes the new Smuggler and sets out to tag another person. Ideally, a player who receives the gold will act as if she hasn’t and vice versa.

For groups of ten or more, double the confusion and the fun by starting the game with two Smugglers instead of one.

So “Happy Birthday!” from Dot and Mae (they would love to hear from you and find out when your birthday is)


And especially to Tia Sandra! We hope you have a good one!


Oh, and Wrigley says “Tell her happy birthday from me!”

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