Gorillas and Ducks

Today, Dot and Mae went to visit a friend of theirs named Chip. He is a cute little gorilla that lives in the houseplant jungle clear on the other side of the living room (in case you ever want to visit him yourself, you know where he lives).


Chip is a really sweet gorilla, and he’s been feeling a little down lately so Dot and Mae wanted to go cheer him up.

Dot and Mae asked Chip what was bothering him, and they discovered that Chip has been feeling sad because he’s such a tiny gorilla compared to other gorillas. In fact, that’s why his name is Chip – because he’s like the size of a chocolate chip – which isn’t very big! So Dot and Mae explained to Chip that he must remember that wonderful things come in small packages! Wouldn’t life be boring if everyone was exactly the same? Sure, it’s hard to be tiny sometimes – Dot and Mae know how that feels, but it also has it’s advantages.


Tiny creatures can sleep in little places. They can hide in teacups or behind thimbles – big creatures can’t do that! Tiny creatures can ride on butterflies and play rodeo with Beetles – big creatures certainly can’t do that! Tiny creatures can have friends, and eat cupcakes, and laugh at elephant jokes just like big creatures – they just look smaller doing it, that’s all!

When Chip thought about everything that Dot and Mae said, he realized they were absolutely right – and he felt much better, “I feel so silly for having worried about being small,” he told the girls. But they understood – sometimes being little frustrates them too, but they just try to remember all the good things about it. They also have each other to cheer the other one up if they start to feel down, and Chip lives by himself and doesn’t have a special friend around all the time.

This gave Dot and Mae a good idea! The other day they saw a pattern for a little duck – a cheerful little duck who made a hippo happy by telling him how wonderful he is. Dot and Mae thought that a kind duck like this is exactly what Chip needs, so they went and got the pattern and they thought maybe you know someone who could use a kind little duck like this too!


The pattern for Dunley Duck comes from a very wonderful website called Nosey Nest. This wonderful website has other patterns and they also have a shop on Etsy where you can buy the most darling handmade stuffed animals to cuddle and love. The website says about Dunley, “Every once in a while there is somebody who could use some kind words too to make him feel better. So here’s a tutorial for making a lucky ducky with a tiny pouch which can hold a nice note for somebody who really needs it. ”

Now how wonderful is that?

So here is the Nosey Nest Pattern and Tutorial

Materials needed
- Felt ( three different colors are used in this tute; yellow for the duck, orange for it’s beak and wings, blue for the little pouch ).
- A little scrap of fabric or felt for the heart at the pouch.
- Little black beads for the eyes.
- Some stuffing.
- Optional : some beads for decoration.

Parts ( download PDF )
1. Side ( cut twice, yellow felt )
2. Belly ( cut once, yellow felt )
3. Beak ( cut twice, orange felt )
4. Wing ( cut twice, orange felt )
5. Pouch ( cut once, blue felt )
6. Heart ( cut once, the little scrap of fabric )

Enlarge to every size you wish.

- Cut out all parts. You don’t have to include a seam.


- Blanketstitch the two sides together from the top of the beak * to the tail *


- Put the tummy in. Blanketstitch from tail* to beak ** and then from chest to tail.


Don’t forget to stuff the body before you close it!


- Blanketstitch the beak at lucky ducky’s head.


- Blanketstitch the little heart at the pouch and the pouch at the duck chest.
- Also blanketstitch the wings to the body. Leave the tips open.


- Sew on the black beads for the eyes.


- You might want to decorate your ducky with some beads.


- Your done ! Put a tiny note with some kind words in lucky ducky’s pouch and give him to somebody who needs …..some kind words.

Dot and Mae and Chip are off to make a kindly duck friend – but first they want to tell you to have a happy weekend!


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