Water Fun


Dot and Mae thought you might need some summer heat relief ideas so they pulled a few together for you!


First, there is the classic: WATER BALLOONS!


Big Girl Gabriella helps her cousin Hayden get a big tub of water balloons ready for a water fight later on. It’s nice if you can have some element of surprise and have a large arsenal ready to throw! It’s also helpful if you can make an assembly line – one person to fill the balloons and a couple more people to tie them. Put a little water in your holding buckets for a cushion – it helps to keep the balloons from breaking.


But watch out – because some of your “victims” may have their own water guns that they will use to get you back!


And if you aren’t careful, big people can try to steal your balloons and use them for their own purposes! You have to watch out for those sneaky big people! Here they are using a large sling shot to fire water balloons clear across the yard! WATCH OUT!

Dot and Mae also found a clever idea on Betz White’s website that will add another element of fun to your water fights – SPONGE BALLS! She says she originally got the idea from the Martha Stewart website, but these photos that show how to make them came from her site. They are so simple to do and unlike water balloons they’re reusable and you don’t have to clean up broken pieces of latex! BONUS!


All you need to make the sponge balls is 4 regular sponges, dental floss, and scissors


Step 1: Cut sponge lengthwise into four equal strips. Repeat for second sponge.

Step 2: Stack sponge strips as shown, alternating colors. Place length of dental floss under stack.


Step 3: Tie floss around stack, drawing strips together into a pom-pom shape. Wrap tightly and knot.


Step 4: Fill a bucket with water and have fun! (One package of four sponges will make 2 sponge balls)

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