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Baking Bread

Dot and Mae had fun baking bread on Friday – they’ve been pretty busy little girls and they apologize for not posting much last week, but hey isn’t that what summer is for? Taking a break now and then?

Here are some photos that were taken while Dot and Mae helped Big Girl Gabriella bake bread. It was a lot of work, but the results are soooo delicious! It was definitely worth all the trouble! Continue reading

Gorillas and Ducks

Today, Dot and Mae went to visit a friend of theirs named Chip. He is a cute little gorilla that lives in the houseplant jungle clear on the other side of the living room (in case you ever want to visit him yourself, you know where he lives).


Chip is a really sweet gorilla, and he’s been feeling a little down lately so Dot and Mae wanted to go cheer him up. Continue reading

Road Trip!




Today Dot and Mae are getting out their little yellow car (sometimes they like to drive it and give their magic shoe a rest) and going on a road trip. Are you going on any vacations this year? Dot and Mae like to go on little adventures to see new things or maybe to visit old friends who live far away. When Dot and Mae are going on long trips they like to play games to pass the time, here are some of their favorites ones . . .

Continue reading

April Showers


Dot and Mae went on a nature hike this weekend. They had a really fun time finding all sorts of little treasures sprouting up from the ground! Here they are with some wild violets that were popping up through old and new leaves. They like to scamper about and play hide and seek behind little blossoms. Continue reading