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Birds of a Feather


Hello Dear Readers, Dot and Mae love birds. They love to watch them fly about, so busy building nests and looking for bugs to eat. There are so many different kinds of birds, too. They come in all different sizes and colors – some of them sing such lovely songs! Spring is great time for bird watching. Dot and Mae always look for a Robin in March or April – that means that Spring has arrived! Hurray! Continue reading

Happy Flower Girls


Dot and Mae found these lovely little flower girls and they were so lovely and charming they just had to share them with you. The flower girls were created by a Cuban born artist named Elsita who now works in Los Angeles. If you would like to find out more about her, or see more of her artwork you can visit her website. Dot and Mae just adore these flower girls – and they hope you do too! Dot and Mae would love to invite the flower girls over for a fun tea party – wouldn’t that be great! Continue reading

Scherenschnitte ….wha?


Dot and Mae have a really big word for you today . . . Scherenschnitte . . . whew! What could that mean? Dot and Mae’s friend, a little cat named Nixie came by to tell them all about it. Scherenschnitte is a German word for a type of papercutting. Here is how it is described on one website: Continue reading

Feast Day

Hello Dear Readers! Today Dot and Mae are celebrating the Feast Day of St. Joseph. You probably know who St. Joseph is, but if you don’t, he was the foster father of Jesus. Dot and Mae also knew someone very special named Joseph and they like to remember him on this day too. St. Joseph’s Day is a very popular day to celebrate in Italy and in many Italian communities in the United States.


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Trolls and Crystals

Hello, Dear Readers! Today, Dot and Mae want to tell you about a good friend of theirs named Elsa. She is a Troll Girl who lives clear across the house, near the computer. She is a very friendly troll and Dot and Mae go to visit her whenever they have time. Elsa likes to be very active and her favorite sport is tennis, which she has taught Dot and Mae to play. Dot and Mae are not too bad at playing tennis, but Elsa plays them two against one and she can always win if she wants to, but she goes easy on Dot and Mae because she knows they are just beginners. Perhaps you’ve noticed that Elsa doesn’t wear any clothes? That’s just how her troll culture is – clothes are optional, and when Elsa plays tennis, she feels that the clothes just get in the way. (She has a cute belly button though, doesn’t she!


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Dot and Mae were taking a walk this morning, and while returning home carrying a small basket of cinnamon rolls that they were going to eat for breakfast, they ran into the chicken couple who live on another shelf in the china cupboard.

“Hello, Dot and Mae!” clucked the Red Hen

“Good Morning, Mrs Hen and Mr. Rooster!” said Dot and Mae at the same time (which they happen to do quite often), and they stopped to see what the chickens were up to. Continue reading

Elephants On Parade

Hello everyone! Look, today Dot and Mae are having an elephant parade! They are very happy as you can see in the picture. While about in their magical slipper, Dot and Mae discovered a family of elephants living in the living room (maybe that’s where the name came from?!) Well, of course they landed the slipper and went to meet the elephants. Continue reading