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Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a fun activity that you can do alone or with your friends. It’s also really good exercise! Dot and Mae are using a ribbon to jump rope with because it’s very hard to find a jump rope that is small enough for them to use.  Right now they need one of their friends to come along and start jumping!

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Classic Outdoor Games

Dot and Mae got tired of having tickle fights (as you can see them doing in the photo!) So they went to their neighbor in the china cupboard and asked The cat family if they would like to play some games.  Of course the kittens were up for some fun, and Ms. Miyako came along to watch and referee! Here are the games that they like to play:

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You’re IT!

Dot and Mae have been invited by Tobais Toad to come and play! One game that Dot and Mae love to play is tag. Tag is a really fun game to play – all you need is a few friends and an area to run in! Here are a few different ways to play tag so that you and your friends can play too!

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Road Trip!




Today Dot and Mae are getting out their little yellow car (sometimes they like to drive it and give their magic shoe a rest) and going on a road trip. Are you going on any vacations this year? Dot and Mae like to go on little adventures to see new things or maybe to visit old friends who live far away. When Dot and Mae are going on long trips they like to play games to pass the time, here are some of their favorites ones . . .

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