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Party Ideas!

Hello Dear Readers – how was your weekend? Did you have fun?


Dot and Mae had a very nice time, but they are sad to say that they were so busy trying to be good little hostesses they forgot to take photos of their party! They are very disapointed because they wanted to share the fun with you. Hopefully, you had your own fun and they promise that they will try to do better next time. Continue reading

April Fool’s Day

Dear Readers – we know it’s not April Fool’s Day today, but we wanted to help you get ready for it so you can play some good pranks on your friends and family! As you can guess, this is one of Dot and Mae’s favorite holidays. One thing they are going to do is make a “Dirt Cake” for their friends. It’s really yummy and it looks pretty weird. Your friends will think you’ve gone crazy – EATING DIRT!


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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to all of our friends from Dot and Mae! We hope you had a lovely Easter, Dot and Mae had a great time (they LOVE Easter) and they wanted to share some photos with you! Here is Dot and Mae looking at all the goodies in Big Girl Gabriella’s Easter Basket! It was a lovely violet colored basket filled with candies and nice gifts like pretty pads of paper shaped like flowers, and a little book for taking notes . . . all kinds of good things! Continue reading

Feast Day

Hello Dear Readers! Today Dot and Mae are celebrating the Feast Day of St. Joseph. You probably know who St. Joseph is, but if you don’t, he was the foster father of Jesus. Dot and Mae also knew someone very special named Joseph and they like to remember him on this day too. St. Joseph’s Day is a very popular day to celebrate in Italy and in many Italian communities in the United States.


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Pysansky Eggs


Today Big Girl Gabriella is sick. She has a very bad cold and she can’t quit sneezing. Dot and Mae are trying to help her feel better. They are going to make her hot tea and read her a nice book. A good book to read – especially since Easter is coming up – is a book named “Rechenka’s Eggs.” Dot and Mae highly recommend this book – they love the story and the beautiful illustrations, and they think you will too. Continue reading