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Party Ideas!

Hello Dear Readers – how was your weekend? Did you have fun?


Dot and Mae had a very nice time, but they are sad to say that they were so busy trying to be good little hostesses they forgot to take photos of their party! They are very disapointed because they wanted to share the fun with you. Hopefully, you had your own fun and they promise that they will try to do better next time. Continue reading

It’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day!

Hooray for holidays that are pink and red and covered with sprinkles and candy hearts! Isn’t Valentine’s Day the CUTEST holiday? Little fat baby angels flying around – candy hearts in all shapes and sizes, lace and luv and flowers and all the chocolate you can eat! It’s one of Dot and Mae’s most favoritest holidays EVER! Here is a really good idea for a Valentine Day snack. Dot and Mae are making it for a Valentine’s Day Party they are going to have this weekend for all their friends.

pretzel-valbig.jpg Continue reading