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Peanut Butter Cookies

Dot and Mae know it’s hot and that’s not the best time to be baking,but sometimes you just have a craving and you have to do it!


Today Dot and Mae (and everyone else) was craving PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES! So they decided to make a batch. Luckily, Dot and Mae have air-conditioning. If they didn’t, they would probably have just waited a little while to make them, like until, oh say, SEPTEMBER! Continue reading

Easy Treats


Hello Dear Readers, today Dot and Mae thought they might share a few of their favorite summer recipes with you – they are all easy to make and you can probably do it yourself (or maybe with just a little bit of help!) Continue reading

Summer Strawberries


Nothing says “SUMMER’S HERE” more than a bowl of fresh strawberries! Dot and Mae love everything about strawberries – their bright color, their sweet fragrance, their juicy flavor – oh! and their tiny little seeds!

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April Fool’s Day

Dear Readers – we know it’s not April Fool’s Day today, but we wanted to help you get ready for it so you can play some good pranks on your friends and family! As you can guess, this is one of Dot and Mae’s favorite holidays. One thing they are going to do is make a “Dirt Cake” for their friends. It’s really yummy and it looks pretty weird. Your friends will think you’ve gone crazy – EATING DIRT!


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Feast Day

Hello Dear Readers! Today Dot and Mae are celebrating the Feast Day of St. Joseph. You probably know who St. Joseph is, but if you don’t, he was the foster father of Jesus. Dot and Mae also knew someone very special named Joseph and they like to remember him on this day too. St. Joseph’s Day is a very popular day to celebrate in Italy and in many Italian communities in the United States.


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Cookie History


Believe it or not, the first cookies were created by accident. In fact a lot of the famous history of cookies is filled with accidents. The very first cookies were just an oven temperature test. Early bakers used very small amounts of cake batter to test their oven temperatures before baking the final cake. These little test cakes were called “koekje”, which means “little cake” in Dutch. By accident, the first “cookies” came into being.

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Trolls and Crystals

Hello, Dear Readers! Today, Dot and Mae want to tell you about a good friend of theirs named Elsa. She is a Troll Girl who lives clear across the house, near the computer. She is a very friendly troll and Dot and Mae go to visit her whenever they have time. Elsa likes to be very active and her favorite sport is tennis, which she has taught Dot and Mae to play. Dot and Mae are not too bad at playing tennis, but Elsa plays them two against one and she can always win if she wants to, but she goes easy on Dot and Mae because she knows they are just beginners. Perhaps you’ve noticed that Elsa doesn’t wear any clothes? That’s just how her troll culture is – clothes are optional, and when Elsa plays tennis, she feels that the clothes just get in the way. (She has a cute belly button though, doesn’t she!


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