Hello everyone! Are you full of spring fever? Dot and Mae are! They’ve seen lots of butterflies lately, popping out of cocoons and flitting all about the new daffodils and fresh green grass! Butterflies are so beautiful and so easily startled that they fly away. Dot and Mae decided to make some so that they could enjoy having butterflies around all the time!


These butterflies are very easy to make. Dot and Mae got the idea from this wonderful website – it has lots of fun ideas!


All you need to make these butterflies is tissue paper – any color you like, scissors, pipe-cleaners and some string or thread.


Depending on the size of butterfly you want to make, you can cut your tissue paper in half or in fourths. Next, pinch your tissue paper together in the middle. Using your pipe cleaner, start in the center and wrap it around the tissue paper once or twice where you pinched. You should have 2 sticking out ends of pipe cleaner. You can keep them straight or curl them with your finger for it’s antenna. When you are done, you can wrap string or thread around the middle so you can hang them! How much fun is that! And so easy too!


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