Dot and Toad are Friends (and Mae too!)

Dot and Mae found a little toad friend and they wanted you to see him – isn’t he soooo cute? He’s just Dot and Mae’s size! They invited him into the jar so they could take some photos to show you.

The toad was outside after it rained quite a bit. He was hoping around in the damp grass near the back porch steps.

Dot and Mae were quite amazed at the little toad’s ability to climb up the glass jar sides. The glass jar was too slippery for Dot and Mae to climb up.

First, he did a little dance with his back legs, trying to get some traction on the slippery glass.

next, he asked Mae to give him a boost . . .

Then he used his little suction feet to grip onto the glass – pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Well, it was fun visiting with the little toad, but he couldn’t stay too long – he had a lot of bugs to catch and friends to meet up with so Dot and Mae told him good bye and let him go back outside into the damp grass. Who knows, maybe he’ll come back for another visit sometime!

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