Dot and Mae love jars because jars can hold so many interesting things. You just never know what you might find in a jar. Oh sure, some jars have the usual stuff like peanut butter, or candles, or cookies – but some jars hold all sorts of treasure! Do you keep your treasure in a jar?


Some people keep treats in a jar – gum or candy or peanuts or chocolate kisses – those are some delicious jars!


Other people keep their collections in jars – maybe pennies, or matchbooks, or guitar picks or other lovely items.


Jars are extremely helpful to have around the house. You can keep screws and nails in them, or flower seeds, or buttons. Jars help you keep track of things.


Everything looks nicer in a jar.


Remember, you can also grow a lovely terrarium world in a jar!


Maybe if you found one small enough, you could keep an elephant in a jar – you would have to feed him very tiny peanuts and itty bitty bales of hay!


In the summer, don’t you love to catch fireflies in a jar? Don’t forget to let them go at the end of the night though – it’s not nice to keep them in the jar forever, because they like to fly around and visit all their friends.


If you are very quiet and very lucky you might even be able to catch a fairy in a jar! If you catch one, take a picture and then let the fairy out as quickly as possible so that you don’t make her too mad. If you let her out right away, maybe she will sprinkle you with fairy dust and teach you to fly! If you don’t let her out right away – she might decide to play some little pranks on you when she gets out! Then you better watch out!


A nice gift idea is to write a whole bunch of nice messages on small scraps of paper and fill up a jar with the scraps. For example, you could give one to your mom for mother’s day, and everyday she could pull out a little note from you telling her what a great mom she was and how much you love her. You could make a love note jar for anyone you know – and it would be super easy to make and all you need is a jar and some paper!


Dot and Mae think it would be nice to have a little bit of the sun in a jar – so at night you could keep in near your bed if you’re afraid of the dark, or if you were out camping you could keep it in your tent, or really – when isn’t a little sunshine in a jar a good idea? Dot and Mae found a way you can make a jar of your own to keep – this is a great idea they think. They got the idea from this website, but if you’re clever you could probably figure out how to make it for yourself – maybe a parent could help you if you needed it.


Have fun everyone! Dot and Mae are off to collect some interesting items in their jars!


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