We’re feeling better . . .

Dear Readers, we are sorry about Dot and Mae’s absence, but we are glad to report that they are feeling much better! If you are feeling sick from a head cold, Dot and Mae recommend drinking lots of hot tea, lying around and watching cartoons, and using a neti pot to wash away all the bad stuff! It really works! YAY! Here is a picture of where Dot and Mae sleep in the china cupboard in the little sleeping bags that they arrived in. Dot and Mae love sleeping in them because they are so nice and cozy!

Well, anyway, Dot and Mae have some friends who live next door in the china cupboard, a family of porcelain cats from Japan. The Mother’s name is Miyako and the children are named Satsuki and Mei. (Which is pronounced just like Mae! Isn’t that so wonderful?!) When Dot and Mae were ill, the cat family came over to make tea for them, fluff their pillows and keep them company. They are very kind cats. Sometimes they purr in Japanese and try to teach Dot and Mae how to speak Japanese. This makes them all laugh because Dot and Mae have terrible accents and always get words mixed up so they say silly things like, “May I please have more turtle in my tea?”


Miyako also helped the girls with their Neti pots and made sure that the other creatures in the china cupboard didn’t make too much noise which would keep Dot and Mae from getting enough rest. She is a wonderful mother.


When Miyako, Satsuki and Mei left, Dot and Mae finished off the hot toddys. They may have had a few too many hot toddys . . . but they slept really well afterwards.


On Sunday, Dot and Mae were feeling so much better that they decided to go visit a dear old friend Rusty the sheep. Rusty lives on the radio and he knows so many interesting stories because he’s lived a really, really long time. Really. Long. (Like 50 or 60 years or something!) If he’s tired, he sometimes dozes off in the middle of telling a story, but that’s okay because he’s such a kindly old sheep Dot and Mae just cover him up with a hankie and ask him to finish the story the next time they see him. Rusty’s favorite thing to do is listen to the radio and tell Dot and Mae all about the music or programs that they listen to. Sometimes if he’s feeling like it he plays Billie Holiday, or Count Basie, or Ella Fitzgerald. Those kinds of songs remind him of the old days. When he’s feeling lively he plays some Benny Goodman or Louis Prima. The girls love to listen to all of Rusty’s music. They always ask him to turn up Benny Goodman’s, “Sing, Sing, Sing” and then they dance the Jitterbug really fast and crazy. (Honestly, they don’t know how to Jitterbug, they just jump around like little bugs on a griddle and Rusty laughs so hard he can’t teach them the proper steps.)

Their other mostest favorite thing to listen to is all of Rusty’s old radio programs! Rusty makes them Carmel popcorn with peanuts and they stretch out on the warm top of the old radio and listen to Orson Wells tell everyone that Martians are invading . . . ooooh that one is soooo scary! Or they listen to Abbot and Costello decide “Who’s on First?” and they laugh until their soda comes out their noses. Flash Gordon is always an exciting adventure . . . oh, there’s so many good ones! Dot likes the “Inner Sanctum” because those stories give you a chill and keep you awake at night, but Mae’s favorite is “Tarzan” . . . or is it “Father Knows Best” . . . or maybe “Space Patrol”? Oh, who can choose just one!? If you want to listen to some of Rusty’s radio programs and try to choose which one is your favorite here is a place you can hear them http://www.otr.net/ It’s best to try to sit in a comfortable chair, or lie down and turn the lights low. You’ll love them, Dot and Mae are sure of it.

3 thoughts on “We’re feeling better . . .

  1. Emily Rankin

    Rusty seems really nice…and its ok dot and mae..i cnt do the jitterbug eithr..but no one knows tht!!! haha

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