Dot and Mae have a birthday to celebrate today! Well, everyday is somebody’s birthday right? So, Dot and Mae believe that if you wake up feeling like celebrating a birthday, you should go ahead and do it, because somebody is having a birthday and they would be happy to know someone is celebrating with them! Today is Big Girl Gabriella’s uncle’s birthday. We don’t know how old he is. He’s really old though. Too many to count on your fingers and toes. Like twenty-something. A grown up. But grown ups need to have some fun too, like the song says, “Be kind to your parents, though they don’t deserve it, remember they’re grown-ups, a difficult stage of life . . .”*

Anyway, Dot and Mae are busy baking a nice fluffy yellow cake with chocolate icing . . . mmmm. It goes really well with ice cream. And some nice little sprinkles on the top. Don’t forget the birthday candles! If you can’t count high enough to put someone’s candles on the cake, you can just put one if you like. Or maybe put sparklers on it instead (you’ll probably need some adult help with lighting the candles or sparklers). Dot and Mae are also going to make some fun party favors. Here are some drawings they did of what they want to make:


This would make a really fun place card holder – and then you could give them to your friends after the party.


These guys are made out of apples, marshmallows, lollipops and other candy. Don’t they look too sweet to eat? You should make some and give them to your best friends. Then give some to people you don’t know. Then give some to some grown-ups, so they don’t feel so bad about being grown-ups.

*From the musical “Fanny”

2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Sandra

    Happy birthday to Gabby’s uncle! I like the idea of celebrating an unspecified person’s birthday; I’m also a proponent of celebrating the unbirthday, à la Mad Tea Party. I’ll bet Dot and Mae could throw a great Mad Tea Party.


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