Hello everyone! Dot and Mae discovered something pretty wonderful yesterday – one of their cousins is living with their friend Marian Goates of I’m a craft artist fame!


Needless to say, Dot and Mae were THRILLED!

Isn’t Marian a doll herself? Dot and Mae thinks she looks as cute as a bug’s ear! Don’t you just want to hug her so tight?! Well, if you go to Marian’s blog you will see all kinds of pictures of her working on her craft projects – one of them happens to be a lovely dollhouse that she is building for her own tiny little baby! What a lucky little baby doll she is!

Go to Marian’s website and look at all her wonderful crafts! She is such a talented little girl. Her mother is also a talented artist who has her own Etsy store where she sells wonderful ceramics and fairies and all kinds of things that Dot and Mae love. The proceeds from the sales of her artwork are going to a charity that buys arts and crafts supplies for children in the hospital. If you visit her Etsy store, you will find several things that you cannot live without – Dot and Mae especially love the cupcake stands!


We spy with our little eye – A TINY BABY in your dollhouse!

Dot and Mae just wanted to say HELLOOOOO to their friend and thought maybe you would want to also!


Good to see you Marian and we hope you’re having lots of fun playing and making your crafts!


One thought on “Updates

  1. Valerie

    Mare’s going to love this!
    (of course when they saw your dolls we, loving all things little and lovely, needed our own). Today she got a fountain and chair for her dollhouse…


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