Ball Games

Since last week we learned how to make some things, this week Dot and Mae thought it would be fun to play games! Dot and Mae love to play ball games of all kinds – here are a few of their favorites that maybe you and your friends would like to play.

Name-It Ball

Need: Rubber Ball and some concrete space.

Play: Have players form a circle. Give one player a rubber ball. That player selects a category, such as “candy bars.” He or she then bounces the ball to another player in the circle, who must catch the ball, state an item from the category, such as “Snickers,” and keep the ball moving to the next player. If the player can’t name an item, holds the ball too long, or repeats an item, he or she is out.


Need: Heavy-duty rubber playground ball, driveway or concrete space for a 10-ft. square, chalk

Play: Draw off a 10-ft. square with the chalk, then divide into 4 even squares. Number them 1-4, going clockwise. Draw a diagonal line in 1′s box, to be the serving spot. 1 serves by bouncing the ball into any of the three boxes, trying to prevent that player from bouncing it back in his box. If the player returns the ball, he stays, and the 1 player is out. If not, that player is out. The next player moves into the 4 box, and the players move up. The object of the game is to move up to the 1 box, and stay there.

Kick Ball

Need: Heavy duty rubber playground ball, basesPlay: Kickball is played in two teams and the game play is the same as baseball or softball. The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker, who kicks it strategically. Field players may tag the runner while carrying the ball or throwing it at the runner and making contact.

Pickle (or Hot Box)
Need: Two bases, a softball and two softball gloves (if you don’t have the gloves just use a ball that’s not “hard.”

Play: Set up the two bases about 20 feet apart.
Two kids are selected to be “it”, one at each base.
The other kids divide and go to the bases.
The game starts by the two kids who were “it” tossing the ball to each other.
The object of the game is to time running from one base to the other without being tagged by the ball.
If you were tagged then you were “it” and the game continues, usually until all the kids are too tired to run anymore.
The fun of the game is getting the person who is “it” to throw a wide pitch or “steal” the base.

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