Water Games

For the last day of “games” week Dot and Mae have gotten together and thought of their most fun games to play outside in the water – this should help you cool off on these hot summer days! Have a fun weekend!

Water Balloon Toss

Supplies Needed: balloons filled with water
Divide group into teams of two players and give each team a water balloon. Line the teams up an equal distance apart. Players toss the balloon to their partner; and, then, everyone takes one step back. Keep tossing the water balloon and taking a step back, until one team is left with an intact water balloon.

Blind Snakes

Set up a number of sprinklers in between a starting line and a finish line. Have the kids try to run from one end to the other without getting sprayed. Have one of the kids control the faucet, turning it on and off at random. Make sure everyone gets a turn at controlling the faucet. Play until everyone is tired of running!

Water Balloon Volley
Each team will need a bed sheet and good supply of filled water balloons. Everyone on the team holds a corner or side of the sheet. Place a water balloon on the sheet. Using lots of teamwork, bounce the balloon on the sheet until you can flip it over the net. The other team must catch it in their sheet and flip it back. For smaller groups or children, use a smaller sheet or a tablecloth. You can also use a ping-pong ball.

Water Bucket Relay
For this race you can use Rubbermaid containers (the kind that fits neatly into your sink) or plastic buckets. Mark the inside of the container with a marker and fill with water to that marked spot. Contestants should have a point across the yard to race to (point B), turn around and come back to where they started (point A). Each contestant runs solo. Time each person separately, taking turns.

In this race however, the first person back may not be the winner! Using a stopwatch, or a watch with a second hand, time each contestant and record their water measurement when they have completed their “lap”. The person with the best time combined with the most water left in their tub wins!

2 thoughts on “Water Games

  1. emily r

    so as i was reading through this…i totally thought that i LOVE running through spriklers!!! its sooo much fun and ive ran through like…five in peoples yards in the past three days…ya and im glad they ddnt see us :D


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