Pysansky Eggs


Today Big Girl Gabriella is sick. She has a very bad cold and she can’t quit sneezing. Dot and Mae are trying to help her feel better. They are going to make her hot tea and read her a nice book. A good book to read – especially since Easter is coming up – is a book named “Rechenka’s Eggs.” Dot and Mae highly recommend this book – they love the story and the beautiful illustrations, and they think you will too.


Babushka, known “far and wide” for her beautifully painted eggs, spends the winter months in preparation for the Easter Festival in Moskva, where they always win first prize.


One snowy day, Babushka is drawn from her work by the sounds of caribou. While she is outside admiring their beauty, an injured goose falls from the sky. A kindhearted woman, Babushka brings the goose into her home to bandage the wound, and care for the creature until she is well again. A “miracle,” Babushka names Rechenka.


One afternoon when Rechenka is beginning to feel better, she jumps onto Babushka’s worktable, overturning jars of paint and destroying all of her wonderful eggs. With her work shattered in pieces, Babushka gives up on going to the spring festival


The next morning a remarkable surprise awaits Babushka! Rechenka had laid the “most brilliantly colored egg that she had ever seen.” And each morning until the day of the festival, Babushka finds another beautiful egg.


However, with the arrival of spring, Babushka knows it is time for her to say goodbye to Rechenka. Although saddened by their separation, Babushka sets out to the festival, only this time it is Rechenka’s unique eggs that win first prize.


Rechenka’s Eggs concludes with one more surprise, a gift from Rechenka, awaiting Babushka’s return! Dot and Mae cannot tell you what Rechenka left for Babushka – you must read the book for yourself, but in the sweet, old woman’s words, Rechenka’s “special gift” is “All a miracle!” Go get the book – you will love it!


Aren’t these eggs so beautiful? They are called “Pysansky Eggs.” They are the kind of eggs that Babushka made in the story. All of the symbols on the eggs have meanings – that’s why they are called “pysansky” which means “writing.” It takes a lot of practice and patience to make such lovely eggs. If you would like to learn how to make your own pysansky eggs, here is good website to go to.

Maybe you would just like to look at some more of these beautiful eggs? If you do here is a website with a gallery of different eggs, and here is another good one too.

Well, have fun looking at the lovely eggs! If you make any, send Dot and Mae a picture, they would love to see what you have done!

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