Party Ideas!

Hello Dear Readers – how was your weekend? Did you have fun?


Dot and Mae had a very nice time, but they are sad to say that they were so busy trying to be good little hostesses they forgot to take photos of their party! They are very disapointed because they wanted to share the fun with you. Hopefully, you had your own fun and they promise that they will try to do better next time.

They did have all their friends come over. They cooked hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. They cut a big watermelon so that it looked like a basket, which they then filled with cut up watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes – it turned out lovely and delicious! Carving the watermelon was easier than they expected it to be, but if you are used to carving pumpkins, you will find that watermelon rinds cut easier and tend to split if you aren’t careful! Dot and Mae do recommend trying it – they got their pattern from this wonderful watermelon website . There are lots of other creative ways to carve a watermelon – we’re sure you’ll find something you like!


After everyone ate, there was some swimming in an inflatable pool to cool off and then when it got dark Big Girl Gabriella helped to light off fireworks. Dot and Mae really love the smoke bombs most of all – they aren’t loud but they sure are colorful! And then it was time for everyone to go home! It’s always nice to spend time with friends isn’t it? Dot and Mae are glad you stop by here to say hello – they think you can never have too many friends and they are glad to be YOURS!


OH and the last thing Dot and Mae wanted to show you were these centerpieces they made for the party. They used empty containers that frozen juice comes in (they washed them out of course! ) and then covered them with colored paper. They printed off paper from here, but you could use whatever paper you want to! They just used tape to secure the paper, then put a little bit of sand in the bottom of the can to make it sturdy, then arranged some silk flowers and greenery in the can. To make it even more interesting, they used these templates that were supposed to be for drink umbrellas and instead just made them into “paper lollipops” and stuck them into the flower arrangement. They used bamboo skewers for the sticks and just taped the paper circles onto that. These were so simple and easy to make. You could use different colors of paper and circles and different flowers and make some for a birthday party, or for any holiday – or even just for dinner one night!

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