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Dream Weaving


Hello, Dear Readers! While Dot and Mae were out for their morning walk, they decided to take a new route . They found this lovely little bridge and decided to cross it and find out what was on the other side. It’s always good to try new things and take risks, don’t you think? Well as soon as they crossed the bridge, they met a lovely little woman named Chihiro who was being pulled in a rickshaw by her friend Takashi. They were in quite a hurry because Chihiro had lost her umbrella and they were out looking for it. When they saw Dot and Mae they stopped to ask the little girls if they had seen the umbrella which was pink with a white apple blossom pattern on it. Chihiro was quite distressed to loose her umbrella, as it was her favorite one. Dot and Mae hadn’t seen it, but they offered to help look. They spent some time searching all around the area, but the umbrella was no where to be found. After some time, Chihiro remembered that she hadn’t brought her umbrella out after all and that she had left it back in her closet. Boy, did she feel stupid! Haven’t you ever done something so silly? Dot and Mae have, so they just laughed with Chihiro and Takashi about their funny adventure. Continue reading