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Hello everyone! Are you full of spring fever? Dot and Mae are! They’ve seen lots of butterflies lately, popping out of cocoons and flitting all about the new daffodils and fresh green grass! Butterflies are so beautiful and so easily startled that they fly away. Dot and Mae decided to make some so that they could enjoy having butterflies around all the time! Continue reading

Rockin’ OUT!

Okay, ok, we know it’s a bad pun – but you know how silly Dot and Mae are! They can’t help saying silly things! Yesterday, they had so much fun telling you about fossils, they thought you might like to know some more about rocks and see some fun craft ideas. So forgive them for being silly and asking if you want to ‘ROCK ON!” (Those little girls are so crazy!) Here they are laughing about their silly joke!


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Paper Crafts

Hello everyone! Dot and Mae hope you had a good weekend. They have been spending their time working on several craft projects and they thought maybe you would like to know about them. One of Dot and Mae’s favorite things to do is to use paper to make things – you can do so many different things with paper, crayons and glue (and scissors!). What kinds of things do you like to make with paper? Here is a drawing Dot and Mae would like to share with you – a beautiful star!


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Make and Shake

Hello, Dear Readers. Today Dot and Mae want to tell you about someone who lives in the big world (not the tiny doll world that they usually tell you about). There is a little girl who has a wonderful blog and this is what her profile says about her, “I have a house. I have a playground out in my backyard. I’m Marian Goates. I’m a first grade girl and I like to make crafts. I am six years old.”

Now doesn’t that just sound wonderful by itself? But wait, there’s more! Continue reading