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Baking Bread

Dot and Mae had fun baking bread on Friday – they’ve been pretty busy little girls and they apologize for not posting much last week, but hey isn’t that what summer is for? Taking a break now and then?

Here are some photos that were taken while Dot and Mae helped Big Girl Gabriella bake bread. It was a lot of work, but the results are soooo delicious! It was definitely worth all the trouble! Continue reading

Coloring Fun

Hello Dear Readers!


Today Dot and Mae have a gift for you!

They’ve made you several pages for you to color! If you look up at the top of the website you will see a link called COLORING PAGES. Just click on that and it will lead you to a page loaded with pictures for you to download, print and color!

The pictures are PDFs. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader click on this link and you can download it for free.

To get to the page you want to color, click on the link underneath the picture (or on the picture itself) and it will open up a new window with the picture in a full size version that is ready to print. The images may take a little bit to open, so be patient!

Stay cool and have fun!

If you have any problems with the files, drop us a note and we will try to help you with it!



Hello everyone! Are you full of spring fever? Dot and Mae are! They’ve seen lots of butterflies lately, popping out of cocoons and flitting all about the new daffodils and fresh green grass! Butterflies are so beautiful and so easily startled that they fly away. Dot and Mae decided to make some so that they could enjoy having butterflies around all the time! Continue reading

Scherenschnitte ….wha?


Dot and Mae have a really big word for you today . . . Scherenschnitte . . . whew! What could that mean? Dot and Mae’s friend, a little cat named Nixie came by to tell them all about it. Scherenschnitte is a German word for a type of papercutting. Here is how it is described on one website: Continue reading

April Showers


Dot and Mae went on a nature hike this weekend. They had a really fun time finding all sorts of little treasures sprouting up from the ground! Here they are with some wild violets that were popping up through old and new leaves. They like to scamper about and play hide and seek behind little blossoms. Continue reading

Happy Monday!


Dot and Mae had a lovely weekend. It was so nice and warm and flowers are starting to bloom! It’s so exciting. These yellow flowers came from a forsythia bush. Forsythias are one of the first blooms to open in the spring so Dot and Mae couldn’t resist picking a couple and having fun using the blooms as hats! Silly little girls! Continue reading

Flying Shoes

Flying Shoe

You may have wondered how two such tiny girls were able to travel around such a big world in such a short amount of time. It’s quite simple really – magic! When the girls first arrived at the big girl Gabriella’s house, she gave them a little brass slipper from India that has the magical ability to fly. It’s the perfect size for two little girls as they both fit in snug and secure making it quite safe, so there’s no need to worry about that! Dot and Mae take turns driving – they are both excellent drivers – and there’s even room in the toe area for packages if they happen to find some treasure about that they want to take back to the cupboard where they live. Today you see Dot driving and waving at you, Mae is in the back. She looks kind of funny today because she’s lauging very hard at a joke Dot just told. It was about a group of elephants fitting in a volkswagen, you’ve probably heard it, but Mae loves a good elephant joke and never gets tired of hearing them. Well, they are off now to do some exploring in their little flying slipper. I’m sure they’ll have some interesting stories for us tomorrow.

Ewok in the Cupboard

The Ewok that lives in the medicine chest

While looking for the baby aspirin on New Years Day, Dot and Mae stumbled upon the Ewok that lives in the medicine cabinet. The girls were quite startled when they first ran into him, because really, who expects to find an Ewok in the medicine cabinet? Nevertheless, he’s a very friendly little creature and he loves to help anyone who visits the medicine cabinet find what they need. Dot and Mae introduced themselves and explained how they needed a bit of a headache reliever and off he was to fetch them the medicine. He was so happy to have visitors that Dot and Mae didn’t mind too much all the noise he made clattering about searching for the aspirin. He let them lie down on the cool medicine cabinet shelves for a bit, and it was quite soothing to hear him tell his Star Wars­ stories while they rested. It wasn’t long before their headaches were gone and they were very grateful to the cheeful Ewok for his fine hospitality.

Happy 2008 From Dot and Mae!

Dot and Mae, New years 2008

Dot and Mae wish you a Happy New Year. They have a bit of a headache today, since they did try a smidge of the bubbly last night (they love anything that’s bubbly of course!). The party was fun – they lasted until 12:30, singing and eating toast and throwing colored bits – it was a wonderful time! So, happy new year to you all, Dot and Mae are off to find some baby asprin and to have a lie down . . .