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Dot and Mae were taking a walk this morning, and while returning home carrying a small basket of cinnamon rolls that they were going to eat for breakfast, they ran into the chicken couple who live on another shelf in the china cupboard.

“Hello, Dot and Mae!” clucked the Red Hen

“Good Morning, Mrs Hen and Mr. Rooster!” said Dot and Mae at the same time (which they happen to do quite often), and they stopped to see what the chickens were up to. Continue reading

A Little Fishy or Two


Dot and Mae spent the weekend visting a couple of their fish friends, Ben and Jerry. Jerry has lived with Big Girl Gabriella for almost a year, and Ben has just moved into the neighborhood. They are very lovely fish. Jerry is the red fish and Ben is a beautiful shade of blue. They are Siamese Fighting Fish, also called Bettas. Dot and Mae had a wonderful time hanging out with them. Continue reading

We’re feeling better . . .

Dear Readers, we are sorry about Dot and Mae’s absence, but we are glad to report that they are feeling much better! If you are feeling sick from a head cold, Dot and Mae recommend drinking lots of hot tea, lying around and watching cartoons, and using a neti pot to wash away all the bad stuff! It really works! YAY! Here is a picture of where Dot and Mae sleep in the china cupboard in the little sleeping bags that they arrived in. Dot and Mae love sleeping in them because they are so nice and cozy! Continue reading

Ewok in the Cupboard

The Ewok that lives in the medicine chest

While looking for the baby aspirin on New Years Day, Dot and Mae stumbled upon the Ewok that lives in the medicine cabinet. The girls were quite startled when they first ran into him, because really, who expects to find an Ewok in the medicine cabinet? Nevertheless, he’s a very friendly little creature and he loves to help anyone who visits the medicine cabinet find what they need. Dot and Mae introduced themselves and explained how they needed a bit of a headache reliever and off he was to fetch them the medicine. He was so happy to have visitors that Dot and Mae didn’t mind too much all the noise he made clattering about searching for the aspirin. He let them lie down on the cool medicine cabinet shelves for a bit, and it was quite soothing to hear him tell his Star Wars­ stories while they rested. It wasn’t long before their headaches were gone and they were very grateful to the cheeful Ewok for his fine hospitality.