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Hello everyone! Are you full of spring fever? Dot and Mae are! They’ve seen lots of butterflies lately, popping out of cocoons and flitting all about the new daffodils and fresh green grass! Butterflies are so beautiful and so easily startled that they fly away. Dot and Mae decided to make some so that they could enjoy having butterflies around all the time! Continue reading

Happy Flower Girls


Dot and Mae found these lovely little flower girls and they were so lovely and charming they just had to share them with you. The flower girls were created by a Cuban born artist named Elsita who now works in Los Angeles. If you would like to find out more about her, or see more of her artwork you can visit her website. Dot and Mae just adore these flower girls – and they hope you do too! Dot and Mae would love to invite the flower girls over for a fun tea party – wouldn’t that be great! Continue reading

Scherenschnitte ….wha?


Dot and Mae have a really big word for you today . . . Scherenschnitte . . . whew! What could that mean? Dot and Mae’s friend, a little cat named Nixie came by to tell them all about it. Scherenschnitte is a German word for a type of papercutting. Here is how it is described on one website: Continue reading

Why doncha’ take a picture?


Do you like to take pictures? Dot and Mae do. They like to have pictures of all their friends so they have something to look at and remember all their good times. They also like to look at pictures of themselves and of their friends when they were babies so they can see how much everyone has changed over time. It’s also fun to take pictures of flowers and trees and clouds and pets – you never know what kinds of things you will find that are beautiful or interesting. This is Dot and Mae sitting on a very old camera, but just because a camera is old doesn’t mean you can’t take good pictures with it. You will have to try a camera out before you know what kind of pictures it’s going to take. Continue reading

April Fool’s Day

Dear Readers – we know it’s not April Fool’s Day today, but we wanted to help you get ready for it so you can play some good pranks on your friends and family! As you can guess, this is one of Dot and Mae’s favorite holidays. One thing they are going to do is make a “Dirt Cake” for their friends. It’s really yummy and it looks pretty weird. Your friends will think you’ve gone crazy – EATING DIRT!


Continue reading

Little Worlds


Today, Dear Readers, Dot and Mae are eager to work in the garden! They love to plant seeds and watch flowers grow – it’s such a magical thing to put the little seed in the dirt and water it, then slowly watch the little sprout grow and finally bloom! Dot and Mae love all kinds of flowers. What kinds do you like? The photo above shows Dot and Mae with some Hollyhock seeds that Big Girl Gabriella helped harvest last year. When these seeds get planted they will grow all different shades of pink Hollyhock flowers like the ones below. Continue reading

Trolls and Crystals

Hello, Dear Readers! Today, Dot and Mae want to tell you about a good friend of theirs named Elsa. She is a Troll Girl who lives clear across the house, near the computer. She is a very friendly troll and Dot and Mae go to visit her whenever they have time. Elsa likes to be very active and her favorite sport is tennis, which she has taught Dot and Mae to play. Dot and Mae are not too bad at playing tennis, but Elsa plays them two against one and she can always win if she wants to, but she goes easy on Dot and Mae because she knows they are just beginners. Perhaps you’ve noticed that Elsa doesn’t wear any clothes? That’s just how her troll culture is – clothes are optional, and when Elsa plays tennis, she feels that the clothes just get in the way. (She has a cute belly button though, doesn’t she!


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Boredom Busters


Hello Dear Readers! Well, Dot and Mae got a lot done this weekend, you’ll be happy to know. Today, guess what? It snowed. Again. So Here are some things to do if you are snowed into your house and you wish you could go outside and play, but your mom says, “No, it’s too cold!” (and it really is!) Continue reading