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Party Ideas!

Hello Dear Readers – how was your weekend? Did you have fun?


Dot and Mae had a very nice time, but they are sad to say that they were so busy trying to be good little hostesses they forgot to take photos of their party! They are very disapointed because they wanted to share the fun with you. Hopefully, you had your own fun and they promise that they will try to do better next time. Continue reading

Nature Journal

Hello Dear Readers, Dot and Mae are so excited about spring! They are seeing little buds on the branches of trees and bushes, they have even seen their first robins! We all know that when you see your first robin, you know spring is on its way! HURRAY! A fun and interesting thing to do during spring is to take a nature walk – which is really just a walk where you take some time to notice all the beautiful and interesting things around you. Dot and Mae love to go for walks – you never know what you might see! When you are walking, look down at all the habitats that are right under your feet! Look under rocks and leaves – you’ll find bugs and worms and all sorts of creatures!


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Rockin’ OUT!

Okay, ok, we know it’s a bad pun – but you know how silly Dot and Mae are! They can’t help saying silly things! Yesterday, they had so much fun telling you about fossils, they thought you might like to know some more about rocks and see some fun craft ideas. So forgive them for being silly and asking if you want to ‘ROCK ON!” (Those little girls are so crazy!) Here they are laughing about their silly joke!


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