This week Dot and Mae would like to share some places with you – places they like to visit and that they have found fun and interesting projects or ideas on, they hope you like them too!


The first place Dot and Mae would like to share with you is the website of an artist named Yeondoo Jung. One of his projects has been to take children’s drawings and make them into photographs. The photographs are so magical – they really seem to bring the drawings to life. They make Dot and Mae happy just looking at them – here are a few samples of his work. We bet you can’t help but smile when you see them!

This one is called “Sleeping Beauty”


And this one is “Cinderella”


This really fun one is called “I Want To Be A Singer”


This one is called “Princess Twins”


Dot and Mae love all of the pictures – but they think this one might be their favorite. It is called ” Miss Sparkle Sprinkles the Magic”


What a great idea Yeondoo Jung had to make these photos! Maybe it’s given you some inspiration to create something for yourself.

Isn’t it exciting to see how one person used their imagination to create something fun and beautiful?

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