Sketch Swap

Here’s a fun site to visit if you’re bored some hot summer day!


It’s called Sketch Swap. You draw a little picture and then push the “submit” button and a drawing that someone else did will draw itself for you! It’s fun, easy and slightly addictive! Try it out and see what cool drawings pop up for you! Sketch Swap


This is from the site:

“We appreciate you sketching sketches! We approve every single sketch submitted before it can be received by others. You can draw anything except: if it’s only a writing with no sketch, or writing only your URL, or anything a child wouldn’t wanna see, anything completely garbled, just a dot, just a line, just a stick man etc. If you want to write something, you also need to sketch a bit… also, please only write in English so we can understand & approve it.”

Try it out – it’s fun!

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